Fuck everybody this is my life.

And one more thing fuck what everybody says, people will always give their opinions and they will always criticize fuck what they say, this is my life , my body and my mind.. fuck what you think about my life, I might have it hard now, I might have problems now but that won’t stop me from being successful that won’t stop me from being the best version of myself… if someone is laughing at me because they have better clothes, Better phone, richer parents or whatever then fuck them, this is my life and I love it the way it is, I could’ve had a different life but God choose this one for me and I’m gonna make something out of it, and I’m gonna succeed from whatever Situation in my life LT DLAMINI

Published by Thomas.

My name is Lehlohonolo Thomas Dlamini join me on my journey. Modern day slavery, the concept of slavery but in modern times. one would say I am not a slave because I have no chains around me and nobody is forcing me to do things I don’t wanna do, while that may be true I consider modern day slavery the same as mental slavery. At first slavery was when you were in chains and you were trapped, you couldn’t move freely.Now I say modern day slavery is when there’s a block in the mind and they way you think or your mindset. We create barriers on our own because of the way we think, the mind has become the slave. Teenage pregnancy ,drug abuse,bad choices ,failing to plan, falling into crime, limiting our possibilities,not believing in one another and feeling inferior, all these some of the examples of modern day slavery, and they are caused by mental blocks we create ourselves. Although I wouldn’t blame you because the way we are brought up plays a huge role in our character and personality. Many of us grow up, believing having materialistic things is what makes us human or wearing expensive clothing is what makes us human and we think we will only be excepted by society if we have expensive things, others believe that to feel good about yourself you have to bring others down or prove you are better than the rest, others believe that being African is a mark of shame hence you’ll see many Africans women buying Indian hair, others have lost their culture through the influence of western cultures , others believe that after graduating from university everything will be waiting for them so they fail to plan for the future, Overall many of our youth live for today and fail to plan for tomorrow , they fail to see that everything they do in the present will affect the future. This is just a summary and words straight from my head, if you want a more detailed explanation on modern day slavery I will publish a short book called “ modern day slavery” after I publish my first novel called “pain and love” People need to clear out their own path to their future and everything they do sends them to a different direction - LEHLOHONOLO THOMAS DLAMINI

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